Dilweg Sets Sights on the Future of Real Estate Investments

Dilweg, a leading real estate investment firm with 5.5M square feet and $1.26B of assets under management in the Southeast, is looking to reshape itself by adding more Single Story Creative Office, Community Development, and Experiential Hospitality assets to its growing portfolio.

Much of the firm’s success over the last 25 years has been due to strategic investments in Class
A office buildings; finding unique opportunities for acquisition, renovation, leasing and
disposition that continue to catalyze growth in their markets and bring positive returns for their
investor partners. However, there are sometimes unforeseen elements of leasing that can
disrupt an otherwise valuable asset and require a pivot in overall strategy.

“Since we began, the consistent refinement of our practices has created unparalleled results,”
says Anthony Dilweg, the firm’s Founder and CEO. “That said, refinement in today’s economy
sometimes means knowing when to strategically let go of an asset, and conversely, when to
double down on high performing assets. That’s why we feel strongly that by balancing and
reimagining a traditional office portfolio with new alternative assets, we can stay ahead of the
curve, keep our properties in high demand, and continue to serve a steadfast investor base.”

Currently, Dilweg manages a little over 1.5M square feet in Single Story Creative Office assets
with plans to acquire more in the near future. These office spaces offer a diverse sampling of
businesses in one convenient place. By selecting locations where commerce is a mainstay,
Dilweg has opened the door to lucrative opportunities for businesses throughout the southeast.
In 2022, Dilweg executed the largest number of square feet leased in the firm’s history and of
most significance, 72% of those leases at 10k square feet or higher were all in Single Story
Creative Office assets. Additionally, Dilweg recently closed on the disposition of 15.83 acres of
land located adjacent to its Charlotte property, ThExchange, resulting in a significant win for the firm’s investors with some of the proceeds being allocated towards additional property
improvements and enhancements.

The firm has also partnered with Lucrum 7, which includes product lines like The Carolina
Experience, and acquired a golf course in eastern North Carolina called Occano. These deals
add a mix of experience-driven, hospitality assets like Short-Term Rentals and an impressive
waterfront residential golf community. “The past three years have revealed a massive need
within our industry to be nimble and strategic with investments,” states Anthony Dilweg, “But
that, of course, has been our mindset from day one.”

About Dilweg
Dilweg is the expert, strategic commercial real estate investment firm that consistently
generates risk-adjusted returns for investors by resourcefully uncovering unique opportunities
and intently focusing on result-centric execution. With offices in Durham, Atlanta, Charlotte,
Tampa and Dallas, Dilweg is a full-service real estate organization, whose mission is to deliver
long-term value to its investors, tenants, and the community. Since its beginnings in 1999, the
firm has acquired more than $2B billion in asset value and more than 12 million square feet
throughout the South.


Abby Daughtry
Caravan Marketing