We Are Dilweg

At Dilweg, consistent refinement of our practices has created unparalleled results. Today, our adaptable strategy and exceptional service are defining the future of real estate investment.
Read below to discover what we are made of.

Solutions for the Middle-Market Investor

To adapt to the contemporary economy, we have deliberately focused our recent efforts on acquiring properties in the Dallas, Atlanta, Tampa, Charlotte, and Raleigh-Durham metropolitan areas. By centering on middle-market assets, we’ve developed lucrative opportunities for purposeful investors throughout the Southeast. 

“Our focus is on the future of strategic real estate investment – uncovering and delivering unique opportunities to our investors and partners, while helping to create a more exciting landscape for this industry.”

Anthony Dilweg – Chairman & CEO

By The Numbers

25+ Years of Investment Experience

Time and experience have helped the firm refine its core competencies: recognizing pockets of opportunity, assessing risk, and judging market conditions to transact. As such, Dilweg stands poised to perform in both current and future market conditions.

Our Strategy

Time + Experience = Effective Outcomes

  • When experience is coupled with reflection, wisdom flourishes. In a dynamic world, we have remained agile by perfecting our signature traits: evaluating risk, researching market conditions, and seizing opportunity. These deliberate practices are designed to help your investments perform consistently, even amidst an economy that doesn’t.

Adaptable Strategy, Proven Results

  • Dilweg employs a consistent, value-added investment strategy. With a disciplined approach to identifying market inefficiencies, we acquire high-quality operating assets at a material discount to replacement cost. We nurture these assets back to strength and then dispose of them—generating exceptional returns for our investment partners. This strategy easily adapts to constantly changing market conditions, while remaining rooted in the fundamentals of risk mitigation and cash flow management.

Partnerships that Meet Your Needs

  • To develop and acquire properties, Dilweg sources equity funds from institutions and private investors. Our flexibility in structuring partnerships allows us to align ourselves closely with the needs of investors.

Our services

Asset Enhancement
• Oversee investment properties and protection of the long-term value of investors’ capital
• Manage capital improvement requirements, marketing and re-branding plans, tenant leasing objectives, asset repositioning requirements, and expense controls for improving operating margins
Property Management
• Oversee day-to-day operations of assets in the portfolio
• Execute the long-term strategic plan developed by asset enhancement managers
Construction Management
• Coordinate completion of tenant improvement projects and general building enhancements
• Closely supervise all projects to ensure they’re completed on time and as budgeted
Brokerage & Leasing
• Acquire, lease, and sell investment properties within the portfolio
• Engage daily with the tenants, sellers, and owners
• Monitor trends and market movements to uncover investment opportunities
Tax & Accounting
• Assure accurate recordkeeping and reporting on the portfolio assets
• Provide support on firm-related financial issues to maintain profitability and capitalize on new opportunities
Marketing & Communications
• Develop sales and marketing strategies for renovated and enhanced properties
• Implement comprehensive campaigns for each of these properties using consistent messaging and branding to present specific features and benefits
Capital Markets and Investor Relations
Cultivate and manage investor and partner relationships with priority on transparency, accuracy, and responsiveness.

Large-Market Mindset with a Personal Touch

We recognize that a great investing experience starts with exceptional communication. That’s why we are committed to personalized service that puts you at the center.

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