About Us

The Dilweg Companies is a preeminent real estate investment firm focused on the key economic markets in the vibrant, rapidly growing Southeast. With offices in Durham, Charlotte, Tampa and Atlanta, the firm is a full-service real estate organization, whose mission is to deliver long-term value to its investors, tenants, and the community.

Since its beginnings in 1999, the firm has acquired more than $1.34 billion in asset value and more than 11.1 million square feet throughout the Southeast. In recent years, the firm shed many of the non-strategic assets and concentrated the majority of acquisitions on Class-A office buildings, primarily in the Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, Tampa and Raleigh-Durham metros. In the process, the firm established itself as a high-quality investor and operator of opportunistic and value added, middle-market ($15MM-$100MM) office assets.

Time and experience have helped the firm refine its core competencies — recognizing pockets of opportunity, assessing risk, and judging market conditions to transact. As such, The Dilweg Companies stands poised to perform in the current, as well as future, economic conditions.

“The key to the firm’s success is execution.”

Anthony Dilweg
Chairman & CEO


The Dilweg Companies employs a consistent value-added investment strategy. Utilizing a disciplined approach to identify market inefficiencies, the firm acquires high-quality operating assets at a material discount to replacement cost. The Dilweg Companies then nurtures these assets back to a position of strength and disposes of them, generating exceptional returns for its investment partners. The firm’s investment strategy easily adapts to the constantly changing market conditions, but is rooted in the fundamentals of risk mitigation and cash flow management.

To develop and acquire properties, The Dilweg Companies sources equity funds from institutions and private investors. The firm is flexible in structuring partnerships and works to align itself with the needs of its investors.


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    Asset Enhancement

    Working closely with our senior management team, the firm’s Asset Enhancement Managers provide superior oversight of investment properties and protect the long-term value of investors’ capital, by managing (i) capital improvement requirements; (ii) marketing and re-branding plans; (iii) tenant leasing objectives; (iv) asset repositioning requirements; and (v) expense controls for improving operating margins.

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    Property Management

    The firm’s Property Managers oversee the day-to-day operations of assets in the portfolio and help to execute the long-term strategic plan developed by the Asset Enhancement Manager.

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    Brokerage & Leasing

    The firm’s Brokers acquire, lease and sell investment properties within the portfolio. They engage on a daily basis with the tenants, sellers, and owners. They are intimate with the trends and market movements which ultimately create the investment opportunities.

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    Construction Management

    The firm’s Construction Managers coordinate completion of tenant improvement projects as well as general building enhancements. Providing close supervision and cost control, the Construction Managers ensure that all projects are completed on time and as budgeted.

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    Tax & Accounting

    The firm’s Tax & Accounting Team assures accurate record-keeping and reporting on the portfolio assets. Additionally, they provide key support on firm-related financial issues. Accurate and insightful financial information is required to maintain profitability and to capitalize on new opportunities.

Points of Alignment

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    We Serve Our Investors

    The Dilweg Companies strives to provide above-market returns on our investors’ funds. We recognize the critical role our investors play in our organization, and we act in a manner that we believe creates excellent results. We communicate openly and effectively so our investors understand the status of their investments.

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    We Serve Each Other

    The Dilweg Companies fosters a challenging, collaborative and fulfilling work environment for all our employees. All team members are treated with respect and professionalism, and the Company strives to create a platform for personal and professional growth and success. All team members are expected to be fully engaged and committed to the success of the organization.

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    We Serve Our Tenants

    As a landlord, The Dilweg Companies is dedicated to creating a proactive environment where tenants prefer to be in a Dilweg Companies’ building. We realize tenants have choices in the marketplace as to where they operate their business, and our goal is to create a first-in-class experience for our tenants. We treat our tenants in a professional and highly responsive manner.

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    We Serve Our Community

    At the Dilweg Companies, we not only want to “do well”, but also “do good”. We serve the communities in which we live and work by volunteering our time, treasures and talents.

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    We Maintain A Sustainable & Profitable Operating Platform

    As the operating company behind our investment vehicles, the financial success of The Dilweg Companies is critically important. We operate the Company in a conservative, fiscally-responsible and profitable manner to ensure the long-term viability of the Company.

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    We Look Strategically At The Markets & Sectors In Which We Invest

    We maintain a first-in-class level of expertise as to economic and other conditions in the key metros of the Southeast, and we strategically invest and grow in markets where we see the greatest opportunities. Similarly, we continually examine the relative strengths and weaknesses of various product types in markets of opportunity.