With an average of 25+ years of investment experience, Dilweg’s principals have refined their skills in creating value for investors throughout various economic cycles. Each has broad experience in sourcing, screening, structuring, and operating real estate assets.

Our Leadership

Anthony Dilweg

(25+ years)

Zach Ashton

Partner & Managing Director – Acquisitions
(25+ years)

Drew Cunningham

Partner & Chief Operating Officer
(25+ years)

Michael Eskra

Partner & Chief Financial Officer
(20+ years)

John Weigle

Partner & Treasurer
(35+ years)

Managing Directors

Jerry Banks

Managing Director – Asset Enhancement
(20+ years)

Liz Madzula

Managing Director – Asset Enhancement
(20+ years)

Kelsey Reside

Managing Director – Asset Enhancement
(10+ years)

Blake Underwood

Managing Director – Acquisitions
(12+ years)

Amanda Kay Scarborough, CPA

Managing Director – Accounting and Tax Services
(15+ years)

Kelly Kirwan

Managing Director – Property Management
(18+ years)


Wil Garner

Senior Director – Construction
(20+ years)

Eric Henry

Director – Construction
(25+ years)

Bryan Johnson

Senior Director – Finance
(5+ years)

Connie Selcis

Director – Marketing
(18+ years)

Blaire Watford Sipes

Senior Director – Investment Relations
(7+ years)